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What Should Electric Car Dealers Do When The Season Comes?
Oct 18, 2017

I. Preparation of personnel The arrival of high season means a more intense struggle, and coping with the fierce competitors in this factory is an essential major factor.

There is a need to prepare for the following:

The first is the reserve of personnel, combat effectiveness of the sales team is the peak season market full of strength can not be underestimated. The second is the personnel training work, the staff to carry out sales skills, product knowledge and other related professional system training. Improve the ability of the relevant personnel to deal with the actual work, so that the product in the market can be driven in.

That would be the one by one necessary conditions to win the market to occupy the first chance.

Second, the dealer funds preparation

In the high season to achieve the increase in sales, on the one hand, the need for dealers to go all out to carry out market work, another-the need for dealers to reserve sufficient funds to carry out high season stock work.

III. Research by competitors Competition is everywhere, the market competition is like going against, no retreat. Therefore, when the peak season comes as a distributor to study market trends, but also need to pay attention to competitors, do a good job in the research work of the opponent is very necessary: The update status of the opponent's products, the opponent's market strategy, the opponent's product structure and product line, promotion policy, the opponent's product price and other related circumstances, in order

Do "shoot" with precision.

Iv. Strategies for Publicity How to invest in the market, what kind of publicity to adopt, and what kind of promotional policies to use will affect the maximum increase in sales. Dealers should change the off-season publicity strategy in time to adapt to the high season situation.

At the same time can also be proactive to the late market has a good impact.

V. Development of incentive policies As the saying goes, "soldiers, grain and grass first", a war victory depends on a variety of factors, but "morale" is an indispensable condition, before the arrival of high season, the formulation of incentive policies to mobilize the "morale" of sales staff, not only can promote its maximum subjective initiative, will play an unexpected role.

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