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What Are The Requirements For Electric Tricycles In The SGX Method?
Dec 06, 2018

Article 18th of the Road Traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that electric bicycles, manpower tricycles, motorized wheelchairs for the disabled and other non-motorized vehicles that should be registered shall be registered with the Traffic Management Department of the Public Security organs and received licence before they can travel on the road.

SGX Electric tricycle unlicensed driving without license how to punish: did not obtain a motor vehicle driver's license, motor vehicle driver's license revoked or motor vehicle driver's license was suspended during the driving of motor vehicles more than 200 yuan and more than 2000 yuan, can be detained with the following 15th.

For a motor vehicle driver's license that is not carried with him or her, the driver shall not continue to drive the vehicle, whether or not it is illegal in the course of driving. The Traffic management Department of the public security organ shall detain the motor vehicle and notify the driver to provide a driver's license. Treated separately according to the different circumstances of the driver's license provided.

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