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Safety And Security Of Electric Tricycle
Dec 06, 2018

Electric tricycle security from the beginning of the purchase, thus, to ensure the use of electric tricycle in the process of safety, consumers in the purchase of the time has to start to pay attention. The protection system of the regular manufacturers are relatively perfect, the line materials and the interface of each component are more formal.

Consumers do not covet cheap, must choose the regular manufacturers or well-known brands of electric tricycle type. In addition, in the use of consumers in the process should also pay attention to the electric tricycle and battery standard operation, to prevent excessive discharge. Electric tricycle Battery After heating to take cooling measures, until the electric tricycle battery temperature back to normal, can be charged. Electric tricycle battery installation position should be as good as possible to ensure sound heat dissipation, found that overheating should stop charging, should be the charger and electric tricycle battery inspection.

The charging time should be shortened when the discharge depth of the electric tricycle battery is lighter or when the ambient temperature is high. After the electric tricycle battery discharges to the termination voltage, the continued discharge is called over-discharge. Excessive discharge can seriously damage the electric tricycle battery, the electrical performance and cycle life of the electric tricycle battery is extremely unfavorable. On the whole, consumers in the purchase of electric tricycle do not only take the price, mileage and other factors to judge the quality of a car, line materials, parts contact is good is also important. And the battery must not have short circuit generation, in the installation or use should be particularly careful, the tools used should take insulation measures, the connection should be the battery outside the electrical appliances, after inspection without short circuit, and finally connected to the electric tricycle battery, wiring specifications should be good insulation, to prevent overlapping pressure to produce rupture, only in order to make electric tricycle more safe

and use it for longer periods of time.

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