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Can A Tricycle Go Up At High Speed?
Dec 06, 2018

Section fifth of the Road Traffic Safety Act provides for special highways: pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles, tractors, wheeled special machinery vehicles, articulated passenger cars, all-hanging tug vehicles and other motor vehicles designed with a top speed of less than 70 km/h shall not enter the expressway. Highways belong to high-grade highways. The Highway engineering technical Standards of the Ministry of Transport of China stipulate that the expressway means "a highway which can adapt to the average annual day and night minibus traffic of more than 25,000 vehicles, and is dedicated to the high speed driving of cars, and all the control of access." Although the names of highways are different, countries refer specifically to roads with more than 4 lanes, two-to-one separation, full control of entrances and stereo crossing, all using the same road. In addition, a number of countries to partially control the entrance and exit, not all of the use of stereo crossing direct trunk line is also known as Expressway.

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