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Background Technology Of Electric Tricycle
Dec 06, 2017

Electric tricycles are used in a wide range of electric tricycles with old age, electric tricycles with freight, electric tricycles with passenger transport, electric tricycles to pick up children, and even electric tricycles for self-use cargo. The above electric tricycles are open. Electric tricycle is convenient, simple operation, good stability, many uses, cheap price. When the storm hits, it completely limits the range of electric tricycles used. There is inevitably a 2-3 months of the year is the rainy season, winter cold wind is less than 3, 2 months. Based on the above, some areas began to add electric tricycle sheds to the electric tricycle to protect against the cold wind and showers. Electric tricycle shed is currently divided into three kinds: 1, simple bracket support on the electric tricycle, the bracket is covered with abandoned advertising cloth, although can resist a little cold wind, rough appearance seriously affect the image of the city, rain basically put on hold of home, practical value is very low. 2, some opportunistic manufacturers using waste iron simple welding on the electric tricycle rack, not only the price is quite expensive, life is only a year long. The electric tricycle shed of the tin increases the self-weight of the electric tricycle itself and also affects the mileage of the electric tricycle. 3, the use of stainless steel and endurance plate to make electric tricycle shed, it is obvious that the door is not installed, meaning the practical value is still not high. The transparency of the endurance plate is quite low, the rain or the night is simply not available, but also severely limits the use of electric tricycles. The above v. Electric tricycle shed are small workshop, no mass production, no specification restrictions, so far, no production of electric tricycle is the overall offline production and sales.

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