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A Man Modifies A Mini Electric Tricycle That Can Drift
Jun 06, 2017

Automobile drift We have all seen, is an extreme sport, but because the danger is too high, we ordinary people can not play, now you do not have to envy the stunt driver, Qingzhou Yong Zhang recently invented a kind of ordinary people can play drift of the mini electric tricycle.

This electric tricycle, 180 degrees drift, 360 degrees drift are no exception, you have to ask how this car to do, then we have to consult the inventor Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong introduced that this tricycle is their own time to communicate with foreign friends, see a more popular toy modification, in foreign countries it is a kind of extreme sports, no power, from the mountain down, more exciting more fun, but more dangerous, after modification to become an electric, with the front wheel to drive,

This allows you to play this extreme sport at a very slow pace on the flat ground. Zhang Yong said that the mini electric tricycle behind the lithium battery, the fastest speed can only reach 30 kilometers per hour, the rear two wheels are special PE materials, sticky, the vehicle in the drift can play the role of braking, strong security.

And such an electric three-wheel plus battery has eighty or ninety Jin, before and after can be disassembled, easy to carry. In addition to simple disassembly, the material used in the car is also very unusual. In addition to the main frame is a seam welded pipe, forks, riser are seamless steel pipe, rear hub with aviation aluminum, tires are also environmentally friendly PE plastic sleeve, Zhang Yong said that although the cost is relatively high, but with good materials made out of the car can maximize the guarantee of safety.

Knowing that Zhang Yong had invented a tricycle that could drift, friends rushed to try it out. Drift enthusiasts try to say that they can drift, but also relatively fast, the performance is very high, compared to the car drift, but also relatively safe.

It's a good extreme sport. Fun and safety are the goals pursued by Zhang Yong's invention of mini electric drift tricycle. For this electric tricycle, Zhang Yong has his own idea, he wants to promote it in the form of a club, so that more people after work, leisure, there is a leisure and entertainment project.

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