Motor Maintenance
Dec 06, 2018

At present, there are three kinds of electric vehicle motors used: brushed speed electric vehicle motor, brushless low-speed electric vehicle motor and brushed low-speed electric self-motor.

No and which kind of motor, overload operation will shorten its service life. Brushed high-speed electric vehicle motor works at high current, brushes and deceleration gears wear faster. Brushed low-speed electric vehicle motor in the high current iron loss is higher, DC power consumption is larger, long time Riding Guild caused the motor heating, so that magnetic steel demagnetization, reduce efficiency and shorten the service life.

Therefore, there is a brush motor maintenance, should be the brush as the focus. Brushless Low speed electric vehicle motor Although there is no brush but it needs Hall commutator device.

In the state of overload, it is easy to appear the problem of bad commutative, forming a magnetic short circuit, thus burnout the controller and Hall components, so the impact of the overload on the brushless motor is also very large. Motor is the power mechanism of electric vehicle, whether its performance is good has a direct impact on the vehicle performance of electric vehicles.

Maintenance and maintenance must be carried out. Detect the wear degree of electric bicycle brushes and commutator. General brush wear to distance lead 4~5mm should be replaced, commutator surface depth greater than 0.5mm should be replaced.

For normally used motors, brushes and commutator should be replaced periodically (generally for two years), regardless of the degree of wear and tear. Whether it is a brushed electric vehicle motor or brushless electric vehicle motor, its input current is too large will affect the performance of use. The voltage of the motor is supplied by the controller. Aging of electronic components in the controller can cause the current of the input motor to become larger.

Therefore, the controller must be checked and replaced if necessary.

Regular lubrication of electric vehicle motor gears, bearings and deceleration parts, if the gears and bearings inside and outside the sleeve wear too much, anti-vibration plate deformation, spring performance decline or break should replace the controller. Note that the electric vehicle battery is often charged, so that the battery to maintain sufficient voltage, to prevent the lack of voltage caused by motor heating, accelerate the electric vehicle motor aging.

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