Introduction to Tricycle
Dec 06, 2018

The tricycle is divided into two parts before and after, the front has a steering wheel, handlebar, bell, brakes, pedal and car seat, with a chain to drive the rear wheel rotation. The rear of the tricycle is mainly a carriage, the compartment is a wooden semicircle, you can ride side by side two people. The compartment is fitted with a foldable rainproof canopy, with springs and two wheels underneath it. Beneath the seat is a wooden box that can be opened, where the coachman's tools and sundries are stored. A cushion made of cloth and cotton wool on the seat, with a pedal under it. The front of the carriage two look hook, can hang rainproof curtain, curtain is generally made of canvas or tarpaulin, winter is used to cotton curtain, the wind to avoid the cold

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