Classification of electric tricycles
Dec 06, 2018

Electric tricycle by use is divided into household type, freight type, factory type of various models. Because of the different uses, the technical standards used are not the same. Household electric tricycle, most of the use of side wheel motor, external frame (frame outside the wheel), this structure of the car does not have a large shaft, light load, general 200KG or so, the motor is generally 350-500w, the battery is 12v20ah battery, suitable for household and elderly walking tools.

There is also a medium motor with a large shaft, (large shaft also known as the rear axle, rear beam, is connected to the tricycle between the two rounds of the axle, tricycle important parts) This kind of car stability is good, the middle motor drive at the same time two rounds, start smoothly, but this kind of tricycle is generally more expensive. Freight type electric tricycle, this kind of car is also divided into two kinds, one for motorcycle type, configuration and style and three-wheeled motorcycle similar, medium motor with large shaft, with more than 500W motor, cargo load generally in 300-600kg, equipped with inverted switch, and speed control system. The fastest speed on the road is about 35 kilometers per hour. One for the maneuvering three-wheel type, mostly by the motorized three-wheel modification, the rear axle, the trunk is fully equipped with motorized tricycle configuration, load is more than one ton, can be adjusted by the gearbox, equipped with 4-5 blocks of 120AH Large capacity battery, DC 900W above the motor, with cab and without cab, can also be configured with hydraulic lifting device,

Used as in-plant loading and unloading bulk materials and cities used to garbage removal and so on.

Factory-type electric tricycle, the use of the environment is generally relatively bad, the requirements of the motor, battery is more durable, can adapt to dust, high temperature, rugged roads and other environments, frame materials, welding process requirements, such as frame pipe thickness are more than 2.5MM, rear axle diameter above 78MM, welding using plasma protection welding, welding High bonding density, large weld tensile strength, not easy to break. Able to adapt to the requirements of the factory operating environment. Factory electric Vehicle tricycle application of a relatively large brick factory with brick factory billet car, electric flatbed truck, electric lifting and transporting water billet, such as brick factory, kiln factory, refractory plant, ceramic factory, roasting plant and other electric kiln vehicles, electric kiln vehicles, etc., engineering, tunnels, sanitation electric transporter, electric dump truck, electric sanitation clearance vehicle and so on. Electric transporter and electric dump truck are also used in flour mills, mineral processing plants, chemical plants, furnace factories, farms, wholesale departments, urban and rural households, rental and other short-haul transport.

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